About Us: Board of Directors

Duncan Moore

Chairman of the board, independent board member ​
Allarity Board of Directors Duncan Moore

Moore has been a board member of Allarity Therapeutics since 2018. Previously he served as chairman of Oncology Venture Sweden AB (publ), since 2015. Moore is a partner in the company East West Capital Partners and has previously worked as Global Head of Healthcare Research at Morgan Stanley. Duncan has over twenty years’ experience in capital markets analysis within health care. 

Independent in relation to the Company and its management and the Company’s major shareholders. 

Number of shares: 260 651.

Steve Carchedi

CEO of Oncology Venture
Allarity Leadership Steve Carchedi

Steve is CEO and a Director of Oncology Venture A/S since September 2019 and joined the Board of Directors in October 2019. He brings more than 30 years of commercial industry experience focused in oncology from several leading multinational pharmaceutical biotech companies. Steve has served in CEO positions in both privately owned and Nasdaq listed biotech-companies, all with a late stage oncology focus in which he has led financing, commercialization and re-structuring activities.

He was previously President & Chief Executive Officer of Apexian Pharmaceuticals, an early stage oncology discovery and development company focused in novel targets to treat cancer, and earlier served as Chief Executive Officer of Raphael Pharmaceuticals (formerly Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals), an oncology company focused in cancer metabolism.

Earlier in his career, Steve served as the Senior Vice President and President, Commercial Operations (North America) for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals leading the company listing on NYSE. In addition, he previously held senior leadership positions at General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly & Company and Bristol Myers Squibb. In addition to his executive experience, Steve currently serves on the Board of Directors of Sunesis Pharmaceuticals and Bionumerik Pharmaceuticals. He previously served on the Board of Directors for Apexian Pharmaceuticals, Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals and PCAsso Diagnostics, LLC, and was Co-Chair of the BioNJ Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics Committee Council (CMOC), the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research Commercial Committee (OICR) and the Pharmaceutical Industry Board of the American Pediatric Family Foundation.

Steve received a B.S. in Marketing from West Chester University and an MBA in Marketing from Drexel University. 

Non-independent director with regard to the Company and its senior management. Independent in relation to the Company’s major shareholders.

Number of warrants: 3 523 875.

Søren Gade

Independent board member
Allarity Board of Directors Soren Gade​

Søren is a current Member of the European Parliament and was former Minister of Defense in Denmark. He current serves on the Board of TecLeaf ApS, CSR Invest ApS, and the Fulton Foundation. He is also Protektor for the Danish Colon Cancer Association. He holds an MSc degree in Economics. Søren joined the board in 2020.

Independent in relation to the Company and its management and the Company’s major shareholders. 

Gail Maderis

Independent board member​
Allarity Board of Directors Gail Maderis

Gail is currently CEO of Antiva Biosciences, Inc., and a Board member at Valitor, Inc., the BIO Emerging Companies governing group, and the U.C. Berkeley Foundation Board of Trustees. Earlier in her career, Gail was CEO at Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc., President of Genzyme Molecular Oncology, and a Manager at Bain & Company. Gail joined the board in 2020.

Independent in relation to the Company and its management and the Company’s major shareholders. 


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