Investors: Corporate Governance

Investor Relations Policy

The following is a description of the investor relations policy that reflects the goal for providing transparency in our information flow from the Company to investors and other stakeholders.

Investor Relations Intention

Allarity Therapeutics (ALLR) aims to maintain an open and continuous dialogue with existing and potential shareholders, other stakeholders and the general public. The Company strives to provide transparent communication with equal access for all stakeholders and maintains a dedicated Investor and Public Relations department. With open communication, the Company aims to ensure fair pricing of the Company’s shares in order to reflect the Company’s willingness to generate higher earnings to its shareholders.

In compliance with the disclosure requirements of the First North Stockholm, Allarity Therapeutics will publish information on the Company that is deemed important to the pricing of its shares. The Company will also publish quarterly interim reports on the Company’s development, including relevant financial information. The Company maintains an insider register and will publish any changes to certain insiders’ shareholdings in accordance with the First North rules. Such publication will be made immediately after the transaction.

Allarity Therapeutics has also adopted in-house rules, which stipulate that insiders cannot purchase and sell shares in the Company during a period of 30 days before the Company’s publication of interim financial statements.

Any information published by the Company will be published in full accordance with disclosure requirements under Danish law and all announcements are posted on the Company’s website The Company will establish a mailing list for stakeholders interested in receiving published information via email following publication on the First North.

We welcome all enquiries concerning Allarity Therapeutics to the Investor and Public Relations department.


Corporate Governance Adherence

Allarity Therapeutics is a Danish company and therefore we will apply to Danish corporate governance rules and regulations. As we are listed on a Swedish stock exchange and as we have a significant number of Swedish investors we strive to meet corporate governance expectations from a Swedish perspectives as well. We will always look for variations between Danish to Swedish corporate governance practice, and when considered relevant and not in contradiction to Danish practice, we will adhere to both.

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