Pipeline: Overview

Allarity Therapeutics is focused on the clinical development of three priority programs: StenoparibDovitinib and  Ixempra®Each Allarity pipeline program is being co-developed with a drug specific DRP® companion diagnostic to select and treat patients most likely to benefit from treatment. 
In addition, Allarity is supporting the development of several other clinical assets through business development activities.
Allarity’s pipeline programs include:
  1. Stenoparib, a dual PARP and Tankyrase Inhibitor in Phase 2 development for ovarian cancer. Stenoparib is Allarity’s lead program.
  2. Dovitinib, a pan-tyrosine kinase inhibitor in development in combination with stenoparib as a treatment for solid tumors, in a Phase 1b trial, and as a pediatric treatment in partnership with Oncoheroes
  3. IXEMPRA® (Ixabepilone), a microtubulin inhibitor in Phase 2 development for the European market for metastatic breast cancer.

Allarity is also supporting development of a limited number of external programs.