(Company Registration (CVR) No: 28 10 63 51)

To the shareholders in Medical Prognosis Institute A/S, Company Registration (CVR) No: 28 10 63 51 (the “Company”).

Notice is hereby given of the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting that will be held on

February 9th 2016 at 4 PM

at Søhuset, Venlighedsvej 10, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark.

1                   Agenda

The agenda for the Extraordinary General Meeting is:

1                    Resolution on the transfer of the Company’s admittance to trading on Nasdaq First North Denmark to Nasdaq First North Sweden.

2                   The full text of the motions

2.1                Re item 1

Since October 2013 the Company has been listed on Nasdaq First North Denmark. It has been essential for the Company to be listed at a stock exchange and it remains so.

In October 2013 when MPI was introduced on Nasdaq first North Denmark 15 companies were listed and of these 2 were in the Health Care segment. Today there are 9 companies listed, and MPI is the only company in the Health Care segment. In the same period, Nasdaq First North Sweden has grown from 109 companies (17 in Health Care, 15.5 %) to 183 companies (31 Health Care, 17%).

The Board believes that in the future Nasdaq First North Sweden will be a better marketplace for the Company, since at the Nasdaq First North Sweden there is more activity and more active capital.

Based on the above, the board of directors wishes to seek a mandate from the shareholders in general meeting to execute a process whereby application is made to have the company’s shares admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North Sweden and the concurrent application for deletion of the trading of the shares on Nasdaq First North Denmark.

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The agenda and the full text of the motion are included in this notice. This notice will be availa-ble to the shareholders for their inspection at the Company’s office in the period from Monday January 25th 2016 to February 9th 2016.

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Adoption requirements
The motion can be adopted by a simple majority of votes.

Date of registration
The shareholders’ right to vote at the General Meeting or the right to vote by post are determined in proportion to the shares held by the shareholders on the date of registration.

The date of registration is Tuesday February 2nd 2016.

Only the persons who are shareholders in the Company on the date of registration Tuesday February 2nd 2016 2016 are entitled to attend and vote at the General Meeting.

The number of shares held by each shareholder in the Company on the date of registration is calculated on expiry of the registration date. The calculation will be based on the registration of shares in the register of shareholders and the duly documented notifications to the Company regarding the acquisition of shares that have not yet been recorded in the register of shareholders but have been received by the Company before the expiry of the date of registration.

In order to be recorded in the register of shareholders and included in the calculation, information about shareholdings must be substantiated by the presentation of a transcript from VP Securities A/S or other similar documentation that may not be more than one month old. Such documentation must be received by the Company before the expiry of the date of registration.

A shareholder may appoint a proxy holder if the shareholder is unable to attend the General Meeting. The proxy holder must present a written and dated proxy.

Postal vote
Instead of voting in person at the actual General Meeting, a shareholder may vote by post, i.e. to vote in writing before the Annual General Meeting is held.

The Company must receive the postal vote at the address Venlighedsvej 1, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark, no later than on Monday February 8th 2016 at 12 o’clock. A postal vote that has been received by the Company cannot be withdrawn.

– 0 –

Copenhagen, January 22nd 2016

The Board of Directors of Medical Prognosis Institute A/S
Venlighedsvej 1, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
Tel: +45 22 93 08 37/+45 40 14 50 59


The undersigned hereby:



(write the name of the person you give power of attorney)

The Board of Directors at Medical Prognosis Institute A/S

Power of attorney to represent and vote on all my shares at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Medical Prognosis Institute A / S, Tuesday, February 9, 2016.


Name of shareholder


Number og shares



Please return the power of attorney signed and dated to Medical Prognosis Institute A/S, Venlighedsvej 1, DK – 2970 Hoersholm.

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