MPI receives 3.5 million DKK from The Danish Market Development Fund to develop the gene-test “Lung Prognosticator”

Hoersholm;23 October 2013 – Medical Prognosis Institute A/S (MPI) has been granted 3.5million DKK from The Danish Market Development Fund for further development and clinical testing of MPI’s Lung Prognosticator. The aim of the test is to identify lung cancer patients, who with high likelihood will have relapse after surgery allowing adjuvant therapy to be considered. It is expected that early treatment of this subgroup of patients will reduce the mortality.

Background for development of MPI’s Lung Prognosticator
Lung cancer is one of the most frequent cancer forms worldwide and 1.5 million patients are every year diagnosed with lung cancer representing more than 12% of all newly diagnosed cases of cancer. In USA lung cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer and lung cancer is the primary cause of death due to cancer for both men and women.
In general, no adjuvant treatment is offered to patients diagnosed with early stages of lung cancer after surgery although approximately 30% of these patients will relapse in the following 5 years and eventually die.

MPI has developed a gene-test (Lung Prognosticator), with the aim to identify lung cancer patients who with high likelihood will relapse after surgery allowing adjuvant therapy to be considered.
Hospitals in Denmark and USA have participated in the clinical testing of MPI’s Lung Prognosticator, Immediately after this prospective clinical trial has been finalized, and if it is as positive as anticipated, the test will be introduced as CE-marked on the European market. At this stage the test will be further validated initially in collaboration with the Department for Lung Surgery, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet and later in collaboration with a minimum of five lung cancer centers (Europa, USA and Asia) testing 5000 patients, for identification of potential test modifications. These test centers can later be used as reference centers.

“Lung cancer is one of the most feared cancer diseases and our hope is that the MPI’s Lung Prognosticator can help improve the survival of patients with a high risk of recurrence after surgery for early stage lung cancer” says Peter Buhl Jensen, CEO.

The grant does not change the financial guidance for 2013 and 2014.

For further information please contact
Peter Buhl Jensen, CEO
e-mail: [email protected]
Cell Phone: +45 21 60 89 22

Certified Advisor
Carsten Yde Hemme     
Strandvejen 44
2900 Hellerup

About MPI
MPI is an IT- Medico company with a proprietary method to predict patients sensitivity towards a given anticancer drug by its Drug Response Prediction a gene-tests on tumours. MPI’s customers are Pharma and biotech engaged in developing anticancer drugs. MPI’s technology has derived from data from more than 3.000 patient’s tumours and are validated in 24 clinical studies. The test is broadly applicable in all cancer types and for almost all anticancer therapies. The test is believed to be of high value especially for the very large group of cancer patients for whom there are no other bio-markers available.


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